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Miss Dance/Drill Team Utah Pageant Information

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Any Eligible high school drill team soloist may compete their 1 ½ -2 minute solo in the MDDTU Pageant. There will be no divisions for lyrical, jazz, hip hop, etc….. Each soloist will showcase her best performance and style.

NEW (as of 2011)… Classification Winners!! There will now be a “Miss Drill Utah” winner in each classification – 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A.

The winners of each classification will then be up for the “Over-All” title of MISS DRILL TEAM UTAH!! The classification winners will have their over-all scores compared to ALL the Miss Drill Team Utah contestants to determine who the TOP Finalists are that will compete for the “Over-All” Miss Drill Team Utah title.

Note: The “Over-All” Miss Drill Team Utah winner may not necessarily be chosen from one of the Classification winners. The TOP FINALISTS will all compete in a “Finals” round including an “On-stage Impromptu Question” which they will be judged on their response, poise, grace, and personality. This score will then be combined with their previous modeling score and their “Finals” round Solo scores to determine our “Over-All” winner and title of “Miss Drill Team Utah”! There will also be a “royal court” of 4 over-all Attendants announced.

“Miss Dance Drill Team Utah” contestants will compete in three categories: Routine, Interview, and Modeling.

The Top Ten Finalists (based on preliminary scores) will compete in the FINALS round including an On-Stage “Impromptu Question”. Scores from their modeling will then be combined with their Finals Solo Routine score and their “on stage” question score to determine the “Over-All” results. The “Over-All” Miss Drill Team Utah winner will be announced along with her “Court” of 4 Runner-ups. All MDDTU contestants, including Classification winners, runner-ups, and Top Ten Over-all Finalist are eligible and encouraged to represent UTAH in the Miss Dance/Drill Team USA Pageant. Date TBD.

“TEEN Miss Drill Team Utah” is for those contestants under the age of 16, but still an eligible member of their high school drill team. “Teen Miss Drill Team Utah” contestants will also compete in the same three categories: Solo, Modeling, and Interview. A “Teen Miss Drill Team Utah” winner and her “court” of 2-4 Runner-ups will be announced (based on the number of entrants). “Teen” contestants will NOT be competing in the “Impromptu On-stage Question.” They will only be competing in the solo, modeling, and Interview divisions to determine the over-all winner. There will NOT be classification winners for “Teen Miss Drill Utah”.


Entrants must be single girls, a U.S. citizen, and a registered student in the high school which they are representing. She must be an active member of her high school drill team. She must possess poise, personality, intelligence, good health, and be a good citizen in her school and community. Miss Drill Team Utah contestant’s age on the date of the event shall not be less than 16 or more than 19 years. It is not mandatory that the coach attend the pageant. The application must be signed by the contestant, parents, and drill team coach or principal.


*Please note change in routine requirements.

Contestant must possess and display talent in a routine of not less than one and one-half (1 ½) minutes and not more than two (2) minutes. This talent may be in any or all phases of her drill team. Timings of her routine will start with the first beat of the music. A 2-point penalty will be given for being under or overtime. Routine judging will be on appearance, routine construction, choreography, technique and showmanship. Routine limited to 3 gymnastic feats. Please carefully check the rules with your advisor. Routine constitutes 70% of the total score.

MUSIC CD’S WILL BE USED. Read carefully the following rules and suggestions for successful recording a good quality performing CD. Use a high-quality good quality CD. The/CD should be made without the use of Dolby noise reduction. No other sound on the CD before or beyond the routine music. Play back your recording BEFORE bringing it to the pageant. Every sound system plays a little differently and can vary several seconds. We will have an hour before the pageant starts to do a music check. HOWEVER, at nationals there will NOT be a music check so be sure to record yourself a new CD with the speed exactly the way you want it, because they will ONLY play the music at “0” pitch and speed.

Label your music with Individual Name, School, Classification, and Contestant Number. Do not use performance music for rehearsals. Have someone at the music table in the event that any questions or problems arise. Individuals not complying with music rules will be assessed a 2-point penalty (per judge) and will be subject to disqualification. Always have a back-up CD available with you at the music table.


The performing costume for the routine is at the discretion of the contestant and coach and must still follow the NFHS drill rules. Shoes: A floor judge/MDDTU staff member will check shoes prior to performance and any shoes not in compliance must be corrected before performance or the shoe cannot be used. Precaution should be taken so that the performing area is not marred. In general, good quality leather, crepe or soft-soled shoes may be worn. You may also perform in “foot undies” or “bare paws”. Bare feet are also permitted. Any violations will result in a 2-point penalty per routine judge—to be assessed by the floor judge.


Entrants will also be judged on modeling five drill team positions for starting or ending a routine. Total timing must not be longer than :45 seconds (a 2-point penalty will be given for overtime). Contestants must perform a “star modeling formation”. A pose will be performed at each of the five points of the star. A walk is used between poses. All contestants are to wear a plain black leotard with long sleeves (no trim), black tights (no net or lace) with either black tennis shoes, jazz or ballet shoes. The modeling section constitutes 15% of the total score. Modeling is scored upon grace, projection, posture, movement, and positions.

Start at position no. 1 and WALK 8 steps to

No. 2 – pose, then WALK 8 steps to point

No. 3 – pose and so on. Exit after 5th position.

A 2 point penalty will be assessed for not

Walking (no strutting, jazz walks, runs,

marching or dancing) from position to position.


No speeches. Entrants will be asked an informal question. During preliminaries contestants will wear modeling leotard, black tights, black dance shoes, and a black ballet skirt. Preliminary interviews are closed to the public. Finalists competing that evening will be asked an on-stage question in any evening wear of their choice. Scoring on the informal interview will count as 15% of the total score. Confidence, posture, content, poise, and personality will be considered. Absolutely no props.


All MDDTU and Teen MDDTU contestants must email a headshot of yourself, (it can be color or b-n-w) along with your name, school, and classification. Headshots must be emailed no later than Feb. 1st to Lauralyn: lakofford@gmail.com

You must also MAIL in an 8X10 headshot of yourself which will be displayed at the pageant. Again be sure your name, school, and classification is on the back of the photo. Hard copy 8X10 headshots must be mailed to: Nikki Ashton/UDDSC – PO Box 1022 – Kaysville, UT – 84037 no later than Feb. 1st!!!

Photo Emailed to Lauralyn: yes_______ no________

Photo 8X10 Mailed to Nikki: yes_______ no________


5 FACTS and Contestant Information:

Contestant’s Full Name _________________________________

Parent’s Full Names _________________________________ ______________________________________

Mom’s Name Dad’s Name


“I would like to further my education at _____________________________________,

“Majoring in __________________________________________.”


**List 5 interesting facts about yourself including hobbies, clubs, school activities and offices, contests won, etc….

List the 5 facts in priority 1-5. Print your 5 Facts and Contestant information and mail it in with your 8X10 headshot to:

UDDSC – Attention: Nikki Ashton – PO Box 1022 – Kaysville, UT – 84037.

Miss Drill USA “Nationals”… Top Qualifying MDDTU and TEEN MDDTU soloists are invited to compete at the national level for the “Miss Dance/Drill USA” title and “Teen Miss Dance/Drill USA” title. This national competition is held in Irvine, CA toward the end of March or the first week of April (TBD). There will be a mandatory meeting to discuss plans for taking any and all eligible MDDTU contestants to compete at nationals following the MDDTU pageant. We encourage ALL eligible MDDTU contestants to compete at “nationals”.